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SkinDance Face Moisturizer is a phenomenal product for your skin and is Starflower's Best Seller. Why? Because you will not find a higher concentration of the very best premium organic oils for your skin in one product. SkinDance soaks in so readily without leaving a greasy film. Anti-aging oils, such as rose hip seed, evening primrose, borage and hemp seed, provide essential and vital skin foods for dry / sensitive / mature / combination / oily / and problem skin. The naturally high content of essential fatty acid (EFA) oils soothe and balance your skin and protect it from excessive sun, as well as cold. SkinDance has a high content of GLA (gamma-Linolenic acid) and provides SPF-8 protection. Synergistic essential oils stimulate balance within your skin's natural functions, especially the oil-producing glands. SkinDance has a positive effect on all types of skin. It will tone your skin, reducing the size of the pores while increasing elasticity. It is very useful for aging skin as a cell regenerative, and will positively reduce wrinkles. SkinDance calms and balances excess sebaceous gland activity.


All skin types, including oily, problem, dry, devitalized, sun-damaged skin. See our Skincare Charts


  • Beta Carotene - Potent antioxidant. Enhances skin's natural ability to protect itself from environmental toxins such as excessive sun and pollution.
  • Evening Primrose Oil - High concentration of gamma Linolenic acid, essential for collagen production.
  • Black Current Seed Oil - Rich in EFAs that support collagen synthesis.
  • Moringa Oil - High in retinoic acid that smoothes skin to a porcelainlike texture.
  • EFAs provide natural sunscreen protection.

Starflower Skin Dance


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