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detox & pureify

Detox, Nourish & Renew 75 minutes

A nourishing & rejuvenating treatment that leaves you

feeling renewed from head to toe!!

Enjoy a state of calm & centeredness with our Blissful Balance Tonic & our Deep Rest Foot Soak.  A hypnotic scalp massage releases tension while feeding and conditioning the scalp.  Stimulating dry brushing exfoliates dead skin while encouraging lymphatic drainage & detoxification.  Then float away with a warm, nourishing Herba Sea massage & wrap.  While cocooned enjoy age-defying facial acupressure followed by a customized, Tri-Essence blend express massage for a soothing, silky finish.

Bacial 70 minutes

A facial for the back! Enjoy a state of calm & centeredness with our Blissful Balance Tonic & our Purifying Foot Soak. Your back is then cleansed and exfoliated. A thorough analysis, extractions, massage & mask follows.


Circulation & Lymph Glow Tri-Essence Power Blend: This topical formula strengthens the lymphatic system, the drainage system that is your body's detoxifying organ. When applied to the skin, it helps the lymph detoxify the tissues

Sinus Soother 30 minutes

Tension is relieved after you experience the aromatic oils, targeted acupressure & cold stones massaged to assist in relaxing discomfort of sinus congestion

Infared Sauna 30 min $35

“One of the top high tech life extending devices” Dr. Oz. Safer & 7x’s more detoxifying than a traditional Sauna, clinically proven to reduce blood pressure, increase core temperature and aide in weight loss. Also great for: *Pain Management *Chronic Fatigue *Weight Loss *Lowered Blood Pressure & Cholesterol *Detoxification *Skin Purification *Fibromyalgia*Arthritis *Relaxation *Stress Relief"

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