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Our most comprehensive age reversal facial.  This popular service combines all of the benefits of a facial,  along w/ the scientifically backed, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle results of peptides, Vitamin C + enzymes, as well as  AHA's + multi-fruit acids. In addition, patented Revitalite LED stimulates collagen production, tones, firms + clarifies the skin. This service is a holistic, non-irritating  alternative to the more invasive, anti-aging procedures offering intense repair for a beautiful. glowing complexion.


PURE ADDED BENEFITS: All of our full facial services include a Blissful Balance warm therapeutic mineral foot soak & an aromatic essential oil inhalation of your choice. 

IN ADDITION... Our “healing spa tables” are layered w/ infrared mats that have 6 1/2 pounds of amethyst & a temperature range 70°F to 158°F. The same infrared rays from the sun are found in this modern technology to warm & stimulate the body from the inside out. You’ll feel those tired muscles relax, as the dry heat warms & penetrates your skin while emitting negative ions for increased full-body health.



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