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Lighten + Brighten Beautifully w/ our Ultimate Blonde Packages!

Passionate about healthy, beautiful hair, our exclusive, Ultimate Blonde Packages were designed to be customized & to deliver drop-dead gorgeous results. Since everyone's hair is different, these packages include one of our proven Renewal Enhancements to meet each person's individual hair needs. Some enhancements include our multi-function, Reconstructive Glazes & Toners, which help to seal in & bring out the best of your highlights, soften regrowth, and reduce flyaways & frizz while delivering brilliant hues for weeks. Or, our Liquid Luster, a fluid weightless, rinse-off treatment that makes hair 6x shinier, and 3.5X silkier while adding extreme softness to the hair. All this is coupled with our transformative lighteners that include Auxitricogenetic Action Complex, a natural mixture of organic compounds & vital nutrients molecularly designed to improve the lightening action and healthiness of hair during the lifting process! This complex saturates and penetrates the cortex, permanently attaching to the internal bonds of the hair with proteins to build strength. while humectants condition the hair to protect its integrity AND minimize moisture loss.

Our passion for healthy hair, along with our dedication and extra attention to details & ingredients, gives us the confidence to say "We do blondes better". Schedule your Ultimate Blonde package today at

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