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💚Hey there, Beautiful Soul!💚 Ever feel like your skin has secrets it's just not telling you?

Wish you had an insider in the world of wellness and beauty who truly gets it? Well, consider your wish granted because we're about to introduce someone very special to your skincare journey. Drum roll, please... ��


Meet Antonina V. Friscia, our new esthetician at Pure Eco-Wellness Salon & Spa. With a sparkling career that spans over two decades, Antonina (or Nina, as she loves to be called) is no ordinary skin care specialist. Her journey, which began with a solid foundation from Hunterdon County Polly Tech and Christine Valmay International School, catapulted her through advanced studies in New York's prestigious Atelier Esthetiques Institute of Esthetics. From artfully wielding her makeup brushes for Chanel to pioneering The Fountain of Youth Spa in New Jersey, Nina's voyage is nothing short of inspirational.


Nina shares the Pure Eco-Wellness philosophy for beauty and wellness: She believes in the intimate connection between your skin's health and your body's well-being. Think organic facials that whisper to your soul and holistic body treatments that rejuvenate not just your skin but your entire being.


🌿Introductory Special🌿

Schedule a Facial or Serenity Scrub w/ Nina &

 get a complementary BRIGHT EYES TREATMENT!

Our signature Bright Eyes Treatment helps to decongest puffiness, lighten the appearance of pigmentation, increase elasticity & smooth the eye contour area. Cryowands along with/ soothing patches enriched with niacinamide, allantoin, hyaluronic acid & caffeine drench your under eye in moisture while brightening & delivering a more radiant & rejuvenated appearance.

 The ultimate all-in-one under-eye treatment!


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